Far From Our Eyes

from by Vandalism



where cries for help will always be unheard,
where feet stand still in excrements and dirt,
which stench covers each sweet-scented summer rain
while widened eyes long for sunlight in vain

we're skinning and caging, force-feeding and beheading,
plucking and shearing, angling and paunching,
culling and hunting, exploiting and trashing
and I can't grasp all that's still common.
we're breeding and selling, shooing and droving,
poisoning and infecting, exterminating and whaling,
chaining and torturing, training and abusing
and I can't grasp all that's still common.

where perplexed faces express dismay
when millions bleed to death from day to day
their lives appear to be quite worthless
and murder's justified by economic success

this is so clearly wrong
but we go on and on


from Kings & Beggars, released October 15, 2016


tags: punk Germany


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Vandalism Germany

Hardcore/Punk from Germany

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