Kings & Beggars

by Vandalism

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James Chappelow
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James Chappelow I haven't listened to anything else since getting this album. Absolutely fantastic! Hope to see you tour the UK soon.
Sebastiaan Van Heesvelde
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Sebastiaan Van Heesvelde Fantastic lyrics and vocals. I just the love the hardcore sound they creat. Favorite track: Far From Our Eyes.
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released October 15, 2016

Recorded, mixed & mastered in 2015 by Alex Sickel @ Tiny Pond Studio, Hannover


all rights reserved



Vandalism Berlin, Germany

Vandalism feel at home somewhere between Punk Rock and Hardcore.

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Track Name: Kings & Beggars
It was the last bag of cotton that she had to pick.
It was the last time she had to suck that asshole's dick.
She got her husband back, could heal the stripes on her back, could start all over again, could define where and when.

It was the last night she dreamed of freedom hopelessly.
And the first day she freed her hopes from dreams lately.
One nation's chapter shut, but million others did not.

Slavery still exists.
Its modern form persists.
As we could notice repeatedly
man uses improvements sparingly.
And slavery still exists.
Its modern form persists.

Although I do consider that story's end above
as a major step forward tarried long enough.
A small foundation of long progression.
There's still me and you and a lot of work to do.

Like kings and beggars we're living in reign and exploitation,
obesity and hunger and with suppressed compassion.

Slavery still exists.
It's modern form persists.
As we could notice repeatedly
man uses improvements sparingly.
And slavery still exists.
It's modern form persists.
Track Name: Weight On Their Backs
I'll lift up my head
and hang old thoughts instead,
speak out on what's always been unsaid.

I'll break free my mind
from the constraints they defined,
leave cut up puppet strings behind.

Won't keep the ache awake,
Won't repeat the same mistake.
There's so much more to take.
Some mental chains to break.
I'll put the weight on their backs!
Track Name: Just A Cough Interrupts
So many words, clauses and phrases, arguments, concepts and so many faces.
Ears have been deafened, the brain's been stressed. Word after word, just a cough interrupts.

Once again they kicked the topic into the abyss and raised another, no one listened, commonplace

My head is already spinning. It's never ending - back and forth.
Ears have been deafened, the brain's been stressed. Word after word, just a cough interrupts.
Track Name: Perfect Synergy
There she sits in front of me
Tailor-fashioned symmetry
Skin tight clothed and fancy-free
A human shape of poetry

Her colored lips seem challenging
I finally stopped wondering
as she performs in drunken state
a stunning Lady Marmalade

Life overwhelms me once again,
just exhilarates me now and then.
Appetence for beauty lets me seek
and if I make a find it makes me weak.

Euphoria flooded body parts
shiver 'til the next peak starts
We discharge our energy
Set up a perfect synergy

Well on our way to go to hell
we end up in that cheap hotel
Few thoughts turn into decibel
'til we reticently say farewell
Track Name: Getaway
"No right of way!" they said
with a grin in front of you.
You kept calm, held back.
unresting you followed through.

I know you didn't come
by feet a thousand miles
to fear racist scum
and their spiteful smiles.

there must be a way outta this
out of fear and out of anguish
into something we all can trust
and where each and every one is allowed to rest

Lost all you had.
Sister, brother, mom and dad.
Nothing could get you down.
Now you're on your way alone.

You and me we know
what the caged bird's singing for
You and me we know
why you face this world once more
Track Name: Sundown
My final disease chained my body to bed
It faded away quite unlike my head
My organs were destroyed by demons inside
I only could lose but was ready to fight

Most friends couldn't stand it and handle this shit
Unlike me they could break free from it (?)
I couldn't change anyone but I still had control
of what came to my mind and affected my soul
Didn't focus on those, I cherished the rest
Did not complain and cherished the past

I lay in the rain all sunny day long
At the eleventh hour I tried to stay strong,
unimpressed I said before I started to drown
Do come, sundown.
Track Name: Where are we now?
lifetime of infrequent contact.
as seldom as abstract.
hesitant hugs and handshakes.
no big deal, I never asked for much.

you will always be my father,
but it's up to you to define the kind of dad I will have had.

where are we now?
you broke with me.
where are we now?
for reasons I don't see
and this is such a disappointment.

the more I think about this the more upset and angrier I get,
the more my image of you changes from the one I once had.
Track Name: Far From Our Eyes
where cries for help will always be unheard,
where feet stand still in excrements and dirt,
which stench covers each sweet-scented summer rain
while widened eyes long for sunlight in vain

we're skinning and caging, force-feeding and beheading,
plucking and shearing, angling and paunching,
culling and hunting, exploiting and trashing
and I can't grasp all that's still common.
we're breeding and selling, shooing and droving,
poisoning and infecting, exterminating and whaling,
chaining and torturing, training and abusing
and I can't grasp all that's still common.

where perplexed faces express dismay
when millions bleed to death from day to day
their lives appear to be quite worthless
and murder's justified by economic success

this is so clearly wrong
but we go on and on
Track Name: Rearview
Anything you ever had, anything you'll ever have, is worth nothing to me, worth everything to you.
When death gives you a kiss on your cheek you'll freeze like everyone else - no bonus for your lifetime greed.

When you look back your life's a picture in black and white.
At the end of the road tell me your final thought.

What if you only had five days to live. Would you regret when you look back?

You look back
and your life's a picture in black and white
Track Name: There Will Be Nothing
I break apart for I'm diseased and sick - like parasites they torture me
with needles drilling through my skin
to get out what's secured within.
My oceans are a dumping ground
like every other place they found.
Contaminated sceneries
and greasy shimmering high seas.
Lifetimes full of misery - they rape the caged and hunt the free.
Their hands - oh blessed with hands they are - hold weapons in an endless war.
They are all the same at heart - ignorance meets disregard.
Recklessly they live their lie,
don't mind teardrops in a sister's eye.
Not long I could resist the threat,
I break apart, I'm feeling it.
"Oh, mother earth", I hear them cry
with begging hands up in the sky.
There will be nothing.

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